Sleep is one of the biggest gifts nature has given us. Yet many find it difficult to get sound sleep. When you fail to get a good sleep you are as tired as you were before going to bed. In deep sleep we do not even dream. All our faculties stop functioning.

One reason why we cannot get deep sleep is the various unfinished activities that go on in our mind. Worries of the past and anxiety about the future both cause the mind to keep working in such a way that we fail to get a good sleep.

There is a simple technique we can use before falling asleep to ensure that we get a deep sleep.

Once you are in bed, start recalling the whole day either from the first thing in the morning till the time you go to bed or from that moment till the beginning of the day. In this process you will notice what you did and tick off mentally without getting involved in that situation.

You will recall that you “ woke up” “ had bed tea” “ got ready” “drove to office” “ had a meeting with so and so” …etc; not the details of what happened.

This is similar to closing the Windows session before you close down your computer. If it is not done properly then when you next start the computer there will be an error message saying that the “Windows was shut down in correctly ”

Our mind operates exactly in the same manner. If these subjects are allowed to linger without ticking them off they pop up during the sleep as dreams etc.

But when you tick off the tasks and incidents, they tend to get registered in the mind as ‘closed’ for the time being.

Actually if you are really tired you will not be able to complete the full day – half way through you might even fall asleep.

When you recall what you did, you will remember even the vehicles you noticed or overtook during the day or some specific people you met.

This is not an answer for all sleeping disorders. But certainly a simple method to ensure a good sleep.