One of the most difficult things for many of us is to keep quiet. Be without speaking. Or in today’s context without communicating. Without uttering a word. We talk more now through our handheld devices.

I invite you to spend a day or a half-day without engaging in any external communications whether it is sending out information or receiving information. This would mean staying away from mobile phones, iPods, TVs, internet and even reading.

As I type these lines I can hear what goes in your mind.

Believe me, if you do this and spend half a day or a full day by trying to bring your mind to the present moment, through engaging in the Practices introduced so far you will find a completely a different sense of relaxation. You will feel so calm inside you. As you stop engaging in communications slowly your inner chatter too will subside. This quietness will create so much inner space in your mind and you will feel stable and be in command of your being. If you can find time, try this for a couple of days at a stretch. You will begin to see things much clearer about yourself, about your relationships, fears, concerns, and your mind will provide you with brilliant solutions to the problems you may have.