Gardening can be another interesting way to learn the art of becoming aware of what happens in the present moment. When you work in the garden, try to bring your mind to the activity that is in hand, instead of drifting in to daydreams.

You can even try to synchronize your breath with the movement of your limbs as you work.

While you work you will have to be mindful of what need to be done and many thoughts linked to that can be there. But be vigilant whether the mind drifts away to unrelated thoughts. That is natural. All what you will do is bring the mind to the point where you drifted away.

For instance you might see a plant with a dead branch. You will then decide to cut it. While cutting the branch you can always think how to cut it, how to handle it etc but if the mind goes to some past incidents linked to the plant, like where you bought it or who gave it, the day you planted etc then be aware you are in the past. Bring your mind gently to the present moment.